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Suk Yeon Oh

University of Washington, Nuclear

M.S., High Energy Physics, Ewha Womans University

B.S., Science Education )Physics Major),

Ewha Womans University

Lecturer, Physics, Ewha Girls' High School

Lecturer, Physics, Ewha Womens' University

Substitute Teacher, Bellevue School District Director, Private Prep-Institute

Wisdom House

the Korean Community Service Center opened the Seattle Wisdom House in the fall of 2017. Its mission is to promote good health and cultural activities for the community residents.

The Wisdom House supplements the KCSC in promoting healthier immigrant and wider community.

The Wisdom House plans to help the first-generation Korean parents for their health concerns,

physical and psychological well-being of their young and adolescent children, awareness of the community support system and so on. 

The Wisdom House began individual counseling-based Healing Cafe and everyday English class in the fall of 2017, in 2018, it is prepared to offer new classes-Happiness-Practice 

(psychological lectures), Make-up (personal image creation), Smartphone Use, and Computer Coding. And it plans to expand programs in the future.

We welcome those who need help, and we encourage those with special skills to join us.

The Wisdom House pledges to continue our efforts to build a healthy and thriving immigrant community.

Executive Staff 

Director  / Mi Hyeon Kim

Yonsei University, BA, Nursing

University of Washington, MS of Nursing

Health Teacher at Northshore School District-Present

Staff at Yonsei University Nursing School Policy Institute-previous

Nurse at yonsei University Hospital-previous

Kyung Hee Kang

Ewha Womens' University, BA Political Diplomacy

University of New Mexico, Ph.D. Education

Antioch University, MA, Family Counseling in progress

Experience: ESL teaching(15 years), Interpretation and Translation, Doctor's office staff, Pool attendant, Volunteer                

Services-night Class, Sexual Assault Counseling Center, Community Coops, Senior Center

Sung Hae Kim  /  Journalism, Politics

Yonsei University, BA, Journalism

University of Georgia, MA, Journalism and International Political Science

Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D. Journalism

Experience: Dong Bu Corp. Post-Doctoral Studies at Yonsei University Staff, Korean Journalism Promotion Institute Consultant,

Korean Foreign Cultural Promotion Institute, Professor of Media Communications, Dae Gu University

Present: University of Washington, Visiting Professor

Kyung Won Choi

Dae Gu University, MS, Psychology

Experience: Staff, Dae Gu University, Psychology Counseling Center,

Outside Counselor Dae gu University Student Counseling Center Member of Dae Gu City Student Penalty Adjustment(2014-2015),

Lecturer, Good Character, Pohang Penitentiary (2015-2017)             

Licenses: Psychological Counseling(2nd Degree). Good Character Leader 


Jae Hyun Chung / Humanities

Yonsei University, BA, Philosophy, Literary History

Emory University, MTS, Theology; Ph.D. Religious Studies

Present: Yonsei University, Chairman of Religious Philosophy Department: Director, Institute of Religion and Society Studies; Director, Institute of Korean Christian Culture Studies; Chair, Religious Philosophy 

Won Jun Kim / Art & Culture

Hongik University, BA, Art

Hongik University, MA, Industrial Design

University of Washington, Film & Video, Professional Education

Present: Creator Bros & Seattle Art Academy Chairman

Experience: Hongik Art University & SoongEui Women University. Visiting Professor / VOSS Film Director & Art Director 

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